2020 SCLEOA Shooting Competition

October 3, 2020

Sawmill Tactical Training Complex
8524 Neely Ferry Road
Laurens, SC 29360

Check-in and Registration: 0915-0945am

Event will begin at: 10:00 AM


Volunteer and Judge check-in and briefing will begin at TBD: Volunteer/Judge Registration


$30: Click here to: Register Now!

Registration ends September 30, 2020 at midnight.
You can register now and pay the day of the event.

You will need to bring all gear and ammunition required for the event!
Duty weapon and gear, 150 rounds of ammo
Register today and pay the day of the event


Lumberjack Match team event registration will be day of the event


 Covid-19 Precautions:  

  1. Social distancing is expected all day while at match.
  2. Pay with exact change if paying cash.
  3. Wear of masks is encouraged but not required.
  4. If you are sick, stay home.
  5. If you think, you might be sick, stay home.
  6. If you are afraid, you might get sick, stay home.
  7. Please use your best judgement all day.
This match will be designed with influences from the various shooting sports. 
Some stages will be focused on precision shooting (think PPC or Bullseye) and some will based on other disciplines (think USPSA, IDPA or Steel Challenge.)
The ultimate goal of the match will be to recognize a shooter than can excel when accuracy and speed are both rewarded.
The actual stages will not be revealed until the day of the match.


You should anticipate 4-5 courses of fire and will need approximately 150 rounds.

In keeping with the spirit of the competition, firearms will need to be your issued service weapon and duty gear.
Firearms designed for competitive shooting, even those based on duty gun models, and firearms that have competitive accessories or modifications are not allowed.
Firearms will be inspected prior to the match at registration, to ensure compliance.
The following guidelines are based on the NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Competitions rules.


Handgun Type: Commercially manufactured semi-automatic pistols and revolvers primarily marketed to law enforcement agencies for use as a Duty Handgun for law enforcement uniformed patrol.  No external modifications to the handgun may be made except as specifically allowed in these Standards. Commercially produced uniform duty holsters must be available for the handgun. Double Action semi-automatic pistols must fire the first shot of every course Double Action. No thumb cocking is allowed.  Competition handguns or “tactical – practical” crossover models based on law enforcement handguns are not allowed, examples include the Glock 34 & 35, SIG P320 X-Five, and Smith & Wesson M&P CORE.  Competitors need to contact SCLEOA if they have any doubts about handgun eligibility.


Handgun Caliber: Minimum of 9mm (9x19) for semi-automatics and .38 Special for revolvers.  Exception:  Law Enforcement / Military model handguns, chambered in the FN 5.7 caliber are approved.


Barrel Length: Maximum barrel length of 5 inches. Threaded barrel ends are allowed but are included when measuring barrel length.  No porting, compensators or suppressors permitted


Sights: Mechanical fixed or adjustable sights are permitted.  Factory or aftermarket mechanical duty sights, including luminescent and fiber optic sights, are permissible.


Magazine Capacity: No magazine used during the match may exceed the handgun manufacturer’s length and capacity specifications for standard duty magazines for that model.  Round capacity may not be increased by use of extended base pads or floor plates. All magazines must be loaded to capacity unless specified otherwise in the course of fire instructions. In no case can a magazine be loaded with more than 18 rounds.


Grips: Factory original or aftermarket grips/stocks of the same size and design.  Finger groove slip on grips, grip decals, and grip tape is allowed. Thumb rest grips/stocks, or weighted grips are not allowed.


Also, no aftermarket magazine wells designed for competition are permitted. Triggers must be stock and unaltered. No competition triggers, “trigger jobs”, or aftermarket parts designed to enhance the trigger action will be permitted. In short, the spirit of the rule is that the firearm should be a duty firearm and competitors will use their duty gear.


If you would you like to support Law Enforcement in South Carolina register here: Sponsor Registration


For questions, please contact Teena Gooding at [email protected]