Internship Opportunities




The Simpsonville Police Department currently offers college students who are interested in a career in law enforcement a rewarding experience into the profession by offering an educational program that provides an in depth look at the inner workings of the Simpsonville Police Department.   While in the program, the student will learn and observe different methods and procedures of the department.  The student will work with experienced officers and other non-sworn and civilian personnel. 



It is the policy of the Simpsonville Police Department to ensure and preserve the quality of the law enforcement profession.  In order to enhance the quality of officers entering the profession the Simpsonville Police Department will offer and participate in the Internship Program.  The Chief of Police will determine the number of active interns so that normal operations will not be affected and disrupted. 


Payment / Commitment

Students will not receive any monetary compensation while participating in the program.  Students approved for the program must complete the total hours assigned by their respective educational institution in order to receive credit.  The program is designed for the student to work in different divisions of the department.  Schedules are subject to change based on department needs, the student’s school schedule and other factors.  The department will work closely with the student intern and their class schedule. 



In order to be considered for the internship program, the applicant must meet the following criteria. 

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older; 
  • Must be currently enrolled in a college/university criminal justice or related program; 
  • Must be considered a junior or senior at the college/university;
  • Must be provide a written recommendation by his/her instructor or staff member of that respective educational institution;
  • Must successfully pass an application and background check performed by the Simpsonville Police Department;
  • Must be willing to complete any and all waiver requests;
  • Must agree to abide with all program requirements and rules


Application Process

Students who are interested in applying for the program must fill out an application with the City of Simpsonville.  Those students who apply for the program must have an academic referral by a professor or advisor from an accredited criminal justice program or criminal justice department of a college or university to be considered.  This referral must be turned in with the application.

The applicant will complete an interview with the Chief of Police after applying to determine the applicant’s overall suitability for the program.  The Chief of Police will then approve or disapprove of the applicant for the program.

If approved, a background check that includes an NCIC criminal history check and driver’s record check will be conducted. 

Once the background investigation is complete, the institution and applicant will be notified in writing of the approval or denial to the program.  The student will be admitted to the program once final approval is received from the Chief of Police. 


Coordination and Scheduling

The Administrative Lieutenant is responsible for coordinating and scheduling the program with the student throughout the student’s time in the program.  The Lieutenant will make contact with the applicant to begin the program. 



For more information regarding the Internship Program contact Lt. Mike Thomas at (864)688-1140 or email at [email protected].