LECC Training

26th Annual Law Enforcement and Schools:

     A Partnership for Safe Schools Seminars

These annual seminars are designed to address issues of mutual concern to both school personnel and law enforcement. This year’s topics include:

Cultural Sensitivity Working with Students with Disabilities and Special Needs (Cultural sensitivity and various methods of proactively addressing the behavioral/functional needs of students with disabilities and special needs will be discussed during this presentation. This presentation will also bring awareness to effective strategies and methods that may be used in working with students with disabilities and special needs.)

Opioid Awareness And Teen Drug Trends Update (This presentation will provide an awareness of opioid use among teens as well as an update on Teen Drug Trends.)

Standard Reunification Certification and Active Shooter Update (This certification course will be provided to all attendees. Topics covered include: when to use reunification, how to establish a reunification site, how to pre-plan for reunification, dealing with the extreme stress associated with the process, and how to staff a reunification effort, and will also include a discussion of what other districts have done around the country to prepare for reunification, such as mobile reunification sites and drive thru sites. This year's active shooter informational update will include: looking at current trends in active shooter response issues, discussing tabletop exercises for your school, emotional trauma and why training for hostile incidents is imperative, and other information.)


Training Announcement


June 9, 2017

Law Enforcement Center
   @ Charleston Co. Sheriff’s Office
3691 Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405

Register online for Safe Schools - North Charleston  (Deadline: 5/26/2017)

Law Enforcement Center Training Entrance and Parking Information

VALOR Essentials:

     Officer Safety, Wellness, and Resiliency Training

     June 6 - 8, 2017

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, SCLEOA, and ROCIC will host the new USDOJ/BJA VALOR ESSENTIALS: Officer Safety, Wellness, and Resiliency Training at the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office (Drill Hall), June 6-8, 2017. This course is sponsored by the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Officer safety is paramount to law enforcement agencies everywhere. The VALOR Initiative prioritizes officer safety training to support law enforcement officers, and the community, to help ensure that officers go home safely at the end of every shift. The VALOR Essentials class provides officers at the patrol and supervisory level with exactly that—the essentials to survive and thrive—by stressing the importance of:

     • Situational Awareness
     • Avoiding Complacency
     • Being Prepared, and
     • Remaining Vigilant

Attendees will hear from law enforcement experts on: Characteristics of Weapon Concealment; Indicators of a Potential Assault; Casualty Care; and How They Survived an Assault. Additional topics covered throughout the course include: professionalism, wellness, resiliency, and de-escalation.

For more information on the course, to view training schedules, and to register for the class, go to www.valorforblue.org/s/Newberry. There is no registration fee for this class.


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