Welcome to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association. This prestigious organization was created in 1941, and is the only professional association open to all law enforcement officers in South Carolina. The SCLEOA has been carefully designed to mentor, support, and train law enforcement officers. Nearly 8,000 members from local, state and federal law enforcement are partnered and protected by the SCLEOA.

Our mission is to enhance and support the law enforcement profession. By providing critical incident to families support, line of duty death benefits, training programs, legal representation, legislative monitoring, recreational activities, and networking opportunities, the SCLEOA has truly established itself as the “Voice of Law Enforcement in South Carolina”. The needs of law enforcement professionals across the state are met, and often exceeded, due to the diligent work put forth by our Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Over my 32 years as a member of the law enforcement community, the way we communicate, gather and disseminate information has changed so rapidly that – at times- it can be hard to keep up. The SCLEOA takes pride in the commingling and communication of departments and agencies from around the state. When we work together to train, problem-solve, and offer our support, everyone in the law enforcement community advances.

Our new virtual world, full of on-demand information, is exciting, but while our technology is marching forward; so is that of the criminal. That means we have to “police” smarter, understand our culture better, and be vigilant to an extent we never have before. Through the advanced training that is sponsored and hosted by the SCLEOA, our law enforcement professionals are better equipped to deal with today’s threats.

We hope you will use this website to take advantage of all your membership benefits and to encourage other law enforcement professionals to become members. Join us in our goal to have the best trained, best cared for and most efficient law enforcement in the Country, so that we can continue to effectively serve and protect the people of South Carolina. We have many new plans for 2015, and we will be sharing them with you here and by email throughout the year. Be sure to check the website for news updates, training opportunities, and events. Also, be sure to download the new SCLEOA App; available for download in the iTunes store and on Google Play.

One of the greatest parts of my job is watching the law enforcement in South Carolina evolve from month and year to year. It is exciting to be part of advances in technology, training, and safety education.  As your president, I welcome the opportunity to serve you, and to bring these advances to you, as a member of the SCLEOA.

It is a privilege to be your president and to be part of this exciting time for the SCLEOA. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (803) 781-5913 if we can be of assistance to you.


Colonel Mike Oliver

SC Highway Patrol & SCLEOA President, 2014-2015


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